One Million Developers Community Portal

One Million Developers is an inclusive, collaborative initiative focused on the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem. The Community Portal provides a place for us all to connect, communicate, and share.

Why participate?

The growth of the Ethereum community benefits us all. Ethereum and its developers are ushering in radical change, and every new contributor to the effort has the potential to make a tremendous difference.

Have your ideas heard by the World

The Ethereum community up to this point has been very focused on an explicitly ‘technical’ narrative. It is time for us to open the conversation to the rest of the world, to discuss ways in which we might be inclusive to the ideas of people outside of the technical realm. We need YOU to help grow the ecosystem, regardless of your expertise or background.

Join us on the journey to 1,000,000 Developers!

This is an open and collaborative effort. Do not let anyone hold you back from pursuing Ethereum ecosystem growth in your own way. 1,000,000 Developers gives us a common banner to rally behind in our joint cause.